[EN] Programmer’s passion; 5 traits that make a coder code

[EN] Programmer’s passion; 5 traits that make a coder code

“What does a programmer love so much about programming?”, a question that every software user (or programmer) will ask himself at some point in life. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to spend their entire day behind a desk. Besides, programming ain’t the sexiest profession around. So what makes us programmers so attached to our keyboards?


1. Programmers are builders

Remember playing with Lego’s when you were little? The feeling you’d get when you just finished building a house/car/boat with nothing other than those little plastic bricks? Now imagine feeling like that everyday. That is what programmers do every day! They build fantastic applications every day, with nothing but letters. (okay, sometimes some hardware is required as well.. ).


2. Programmers are problem solvers

Doesn’t it feel great when you manage to solve that extra tricky puzzle, or escape that escape room just in time? Now imagine solving a bug after ONE MONTH of trial and error. This is very common for programmers (especially those working on embedded systems with specific hardware).

I’ve once spent one month working on this Flash memory driver from one of our hardware projects. 50% of the devices were not able to read from Flash properly, and failed to boot. Eventually it turned out that some of them had the ‘padding bytes’ option enabled in the configuration register, whilst the others had this disabled. By explicitly writing this bit to 0 on startup I managed to solve the issue (which gave me a lot of praise from my colleagues and forum members struggling with the same issue).


3. Programmers never stop learning

Many people think that programming is a finite skill, seeing as how computers only understand 0’s and 1’s. Fortunately for us, this is absolutely not the case! I’ve learned about embedded software, heterogeneous multicore processing and now I am focussing on Container orchestration and continuous integration/delivery (which can consume a large part of my evenings/weekends). The epic expansions of computer science is one of the things I like the most about programming.


4. Programmers save(or at least improve) people’s lives

Programming may not sound as heroic as being a firefighter or surgeon, yet software has done (and continues to do) a lot for humanity! Medicine research, safety systems in cars and even trivial project such as dating applications improve the daily life of many people. Also, websites such as Facebook and Youtube would not exist without programmers.


5. Programmers are (partly) human

Programmers actually run on food, just like you. Sometimes they also run on terrible jokes, excessive amounts of coffee and tight deadlines. Actually, activities such as enjoying the sun, or sleeping in late on sunday are very good for programmers. Rumour has it that some of them even compete in sports!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this peek into the mind of a coder. Maybe next time you can tell me what rocks about your profession 😉


Are you moved by this article or do you have other reasons for you that make you code? You are more than welcome to come and code with us. Feel free to ask us about an internship spot or a programmer job.